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Here are just a few generous words submitted by loyal pet parents.

“Lisa has been Bruin & Buster’s “big sister” routinely since July 2007. Before we hired Lisa, we had an extensive interviewing process with 6 potential pet sitters. When we met Lisa, our intuition immediately spoke to us and we hired her on the spot. We were comforted by her energy, cheerfulness and her business image and package as a whole. Bruin & Buster were instantly responsive to Lisa and we are so thrilled with the variety of interaction that she has had with our boys. Furthermore, she has ALWAYS shown us concern for their general health and well being as though they were her own. We LOVE Lisa and can’t imagine Bruin & Buster’s days without her. We want the public to know as discriminating pet parents, that Lisa has exceeded the expectations of any pet caretaker we’ve ever experienced. She truly is like no other in her profession! Thank you Lisa for the genuine love, care, fun and attention we know Bruin & Buster receive.”

~Corey S. & Adrea B.

"Lisa is by far the person I have trusted the most with my pets, which means I would trust her with anything! She had keys to my house and my alarm code.... Can't get more reliable than to get those! Loving, professional, reliable! It broke my heart when she left Las Vegas! I tried to get her back to help run my rescue! You would be lucky to get her!"

~Kathy Benson (The Samadhi Legacy Foundation)

“Everyone who knows me, knows my dogs are my precious angels! They also know that I’m not a very trusting person, but I truly trusted Lisa with my boy, Vance. I knew with my first instincts she loved all her dogs the way I do mine. At the orientation visit, there was an immediate connection with all four of my dogs. Vance was due for major surgery and required 6 consecutive weeks of post surgery care. She insisted to be at the pre-surgery to hear what Dr. Yach (West Flamingo Animal Hospital) had to say. Lisa took “Golden” care of my Golden Retriever for 6 weeks and thank God he is better than ever!! Thank you, Lisa for the love and care you gave him. I would recommend you to anyone!"

~Lori DiCenso & Vance

"I highly recommend Lisa for your pet care needs. In addition to being dependable and punctual, she is intuitive, observant, and caring which were especially important traits in caring for our aging dog. Knowing your pet is well cared for in your absence is priceless. Lisa provides that peace of mind."

~Jennifer K.

"I thought I’d never find a better person to care for my dog than myself, until I met Lisa from “Under Your WOOF!” Usually, "I’m" the one telling the person how to care for my dog, but she was the one giving "me" professional and exceptional advice on how to take even better care of my little Teddy. She truly is one of the best in the business and I highly recommend her for extraordinary service.”

~Cynthia Bowie

"Lisa is Fantastic! She came to us as a referral after years of searching for someone to watch my babies. I trust her 100% with my home and my animals when I am gone and they really love her!"

~John & Dalisa C.

"If you want someone who will care for your pets just as good as you would or even better look no further! She took care of my pet family when we lived in Las Vegas and was truly a blessing when it came to me needing to juggling my life and making sure my animals had GREAT care. She was so dependable and trustworthy. I always could feel comfortable knowing that my animal's welfare was a priority to her."

~Debbie Weiland

"Jeff and I would like to thank you once again for making our wedding day even more special by walking Sanford down the aisle! You were unbelievably cooperative, and calm amidst all the wedding chaos.

We knew we wanted Sanford to be a part of our wedding day, but we weren’t sure if we would be able to pull it off. With your help and professionalism combined with Sanford ’s adoration of you, it went off flawlessly, and we could not have done it without you.

Thank you for not only being there on our wedding day, but also all that you did for us on our entire wedding weekend. It took a huge burden off our minds during a crazy time! With all of our family and friends in town, it would have been a lot harder to be with them, had we not have had you to count on to take care of our little prince.

We are very grateful for you, and look forward to many more years of your impeccable service."

~The Gitlins

“We were so fortunate to have found Lisa to sit for our beloved dog, Jackie. Lisa was kind enough to adjust her schedule when our grandson was born three days early and we still had not booked Jackie's replacement sitter. Lisa was the best! It was love at first site for both Lisa and Jackie. We will call upon Lisa when we make our next trip – we highly recommend her and we never worried about Jackie the whole time we were gone! What a relief!”

~Nick & Laurel Mascolo

“Under Your Woof---Kudos on your pet sitting expertise!

I am so impressed with the care given to our pet children, including our horses, by this company while we were out of town that I just wanted to give my reference to those of you out there looking for someone to take care of your pets. Thank you "Under Your Woof" for caring as much about my pets as you would your own!

PS: thank you from Jake, Shiloh, Poppy, Spirit, Dixie, Sparty and Booty!”

~Tom & Kim Friedman

“We appreciate the caring, loving attention that Lisa gives our cat, Memphis. We know Memphis is in good hands while we are away and Memphis is happy without the stress of having to take her to a pet boarding facility. Thank you for making our lives a little easier!”

~Matt Kreutzer & Louisa Moore

"We have been extremely pleased with the wonderful service given by Lisa with Under Your WOOF! Bugsy receives one-on-one attention and compassionate care by a genuine animal enthusiast! With Lisa, we have peace of mind that Busgy will always receive quality attention!"

~Ron & Carol Barnett