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The Orientation Visit

What Do Service Visits Include?

All Service Visits and Overnight Stays Include:

• PLENTY of Love and Attention!

• Pet CPR & First Aid Certification

• Assurance of food and fresh cool water in clean dishes

• Quality Playtime/Exercise Routines

• General Pet Waste & Litter Box Clean Up

• Medication and Vitamin Administration

• Mail and Newspaper Collection

• Houseplants Watered

• Cycle Lights, TV and/or Radio For A "Lived-In"

Effect As An Extra Security Measure

• Open and Close Window Coverings

• Peace Of Mind!

Serving the San Marcos, Carlsbad & Vista areas. For vacationers outside these areas, please call for availability.

Service Fees

• 30 minute service visit - $15

• 60 minute service visit - $25

• Overnight Stays - $60

(8pm - 7am, request availability)

• Daily consecutive hour stays

$25 first hour, $10/hr thereafter

• Pet Errands/Transport - $25/RT within a

10 mile radius

(ex. vet, groomer, pet food/supply p/u)

• Holiday Rates - $5 additional per Holiday visits include:

Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor

Day, Thanksgiving Day,

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New

Year's Eve and New Year's Day

• Households With More Than 3 Pets

$5 additional per visit, per pet

* When caring for at least 1 dog or cat, most fish, birds or small critter feedings are included free with your service visit rates.

Because we care about you and the details of your pet(s), a "NO FEE" orientation visit is required prior to services.

What to expect at the orientation visit:

• Meet with you and your furry companion(s)

• Complete a pet household character sheet, legal policies form and authorize a Veterinary care release

• Take a digital photo of your pet to keep with your file and also add to our "Friends Gallery."

• Collect a house key and/or other secure entry method